Monday, February 3, 2014

Ancient Art of Lovemaking

Have you ever experienced a sexual ecstasy? Have you ever enjoyed your good minute in an ecstatic way? Did you feel extremely excited or exceptionally exhilarated? Have you ever released yourself through an extraordinary swoon? If not, I would say- you do not know art of ecstatic Eros entertainment. It has the power of felling you a luminous, a different kind of intensity beyond the far-reaching effects of common sexual enjoyment and ebullience of carnal love. If you want to have the full pleasure of creative lovemaking and erotic pampering, you can hark back to the ancient art of lovemaking. 

There are a good number of methods to ensure sexual excellence. It has the power of giving you the most satisfying experience. It can ensure you good minutes, supernatural sympathy and universal love. (Eros to Agape)

Now have your glance at them mentioned below:


The oldest among all is Kamsutra admired and practised all over the world as the best of all methods discovered to date. It owes its origin from India. Kamasutra recommends a number techniques and positions for wild sex exploration.

Male stays on top position, while female stretches her legs lying on her back. Here man penetrates her, pumps in and out by getting over her. She can change her legs’ position while getting his man inside her.  She can keep her leg around her man's shoulders. Man can bend her woman from the knees and draw her knees towards him very close to her breasts


Another popular from named Taoist art of lovemaking gained high acclamation for ensuring ecstatic sexual pleasure. The method owes its origin from China.   Taoist manuals, better known as The Classic of the Plain Girl and The Counsels of a Simple Girl, practised widely across the globe. The Classic of the Plain Girl records some important Taoist and Hindu practices called Tantra. It deals with weaving of two persons on their tolerant enchanted slopes for transforming sex into a lovemaking sacrament.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mobile Applications Developement

We combine the most advance in mobile technologies, methods of engagement, and the latest system integration — to deliver innovation and end-to-end solution that matters your business and gives you the best value that lasts longer even after a few business cycles. We use the latest platform features and technologies to blend them with our extending capabilities and limitless expertise in various apps areas. Our speciality lies in providing portable, lightweight, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile apps for various platforms like Android, iOS, ipad, Blackberry, Windows and Cross-platform. All are apps on various platforms are easily approved by their concerned apps stores. We work as a third party vendor for many dedicated apps stores.    
We help you realize your business outcomes and ensure your mobility towards a holistic business approach.
Have a quick glance at our expert mobile application services:
Enterprise Mobile Applications
Offering more responsible and involved security
Integrating more credential management
Ensuring more responsive and responsible server-side solutions
Creating more platform-specific and target oriented wireframes

Consumer Applications 

·         Document management and readers
·         Social applications
·         Information messaging to the consumers
·         Mobile voice calling applications
Quality Engineering for Mobile

Developing automated test suites for Windows, iOS and Android applications
Creating tests based on Device Test Farms

Voice and Messaging
·         Offering flexible synchronization
·         Developing apps for compatible offline state algorithms
·         Delivering remote TTS (text-to-speech) services
·         Giving end-to-end solution on platform-specific audio conversion
·         Offering user friendly server-side voicemail solutions

What we do
·         Mobile Apps Development
·         Mobile Games Development
·         Mobile Widget Development
·         Mobile Application Testing
·         Custom mobile apps and games devilment   
·         Mobile Website Development
·         Mobile Apps Integration
·         Mobile Porting Services
·         Enterprise Mobile Application Solutions
·         Business Mobile Application Solutions

At Arcadia Invent, we are accelerating innovation to help you get an edge over your competitor.   

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Hara Consciousness, the Consciousness of Your Creative Force

The word Hara owes its origin from Japan. In Japanese, it means the 'Centre of your being'. It is a point 2 inches below the navel. You can find yourself in this point of your abdomen, as it is the most vital part for awakening Consciousness.

As the name suggests, Hara Consciousness involves the art of awakening our layers of Consciousness with Meditation. With the aid of it, you can control your pre-conscious, conscious, sub conscious and even unconscious state of your mind. Your “ego” can negotiate better with “id” and “superego”. In most of the cases superego wins over the others.

To be more precise, Hara consciousness is the consciousness of the Creative Force lying within every individual alive. It believes in “Silence of the Mind and Silence of the Heart, reaching the very Centre of Your Being. Make Your Belly the Best Friend". With meditation, you can achieve this power.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Buy Cars from Japan

Japan is highly acclaimed across the globe for its electronic goods and automobile industry. More than 20 years, Japan is ruling the roost in the industry for producing most cost effective, fuel-saving and high speed vehicles. Japanese are world no 1, for their success in blending high-end mechanical devices and engineering works with state-of-the-art technologies and latest version of electronic devices. 

Automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Subaru and Nissan are known worldwide for producing high quality, durable and fuel-efficient cars and vehicles. Obviously many people across the globe are interested in buying cars and vehicles from here. Those who cannot afford new ones go to buy used cars from Japan. And the car auctions in Japan give them full opportunity to   buy cars from Japan. Yu can bring a Japanese car to your country, taking the aids of used cars Japanese dealers exporters. If your budget cannot afford a new car, you can definitely go for a used car, as most of the used cars sold by used cars Japanese dealers exporters are available in good conditions. Therefore, you get a chance to buy a cost effective, fuel-saving and high-speed car within your budget. 

Now cast your look at the benefits of buying used cars from Japan

·         Used cars are available in good condition as roads in Japan are good and smooth. Drivers are sincere and responsible in their duties as they are to undergo rigorous safety inspection. (Most of the cars and vehicles often undergo testing and safety checking regulated by the concerned authority under Japanese Government.) Taxes and other fees for driving car in Japan are less. These factors help Japanese drivers make up their minds to go for new ones (new model), leaving their old vehicles.

·         Car auctions in Japan offers you luxury cars at cheap rate. 

·         Most branded companies like Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan use high-end and cost effective automobile works. They include cutting-edge and updated technologies to produce vehicles of different models and styles. Their fuel saving technology gives you extra mileage.
·         Most of the used cars are repaired and maintained regularly by used cars Japanese dealers exporters. They get regular servicing and safety checking.  
·         Besides, Japan being the ideal hub for automobile and engineering works, you get more brand options for buying fuel-saving, high speed yet cheap cars and vehicles from there.
For their durability, quality finish and reasonable price rate most of the used vehicles in Japan are sold in many developed and developing countries like UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Singapore,Peru, Kenya, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mauritius, India and Pakistan.

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Top 5 tips to Choose Japanese Used Cars Exporter

Buying a new car is quite easy and less risk involved. But the only problem it is very costly. This is why most of the buyers could not afford it. Therefore, they go for an old one. They look for purchasing used cars that their budgets can permit. But the main problem, when you buy a used car, you have no scope to check its condition.  You never know what kind of form the used vehicle is in reality. In order to ensure your car and investment safe and secure, you must choose a reputed car exporter. He can offer you a used car in good condition.

For the last few decades, Japan has been the ideal destination for buying used cars. Many Japanese cars like Mitsubishi, Toyota and Nissan are popular across the globe for their high quality finish and style quotient.  Besides, Japanese used cars are available in good condition. Japanese used vehicles are known for their ultimate usability and extreme affordability.

Have a quick glance at the points mentioned below to know how to find a good and credible Japanese used cars exporter.

·         To get good Japanese used vehicles, you must choose a Japanese used cars exporter having years of experience in the domain.  Go for that one stands the taste of time. Select a company that has survived the onslaught of time. Always choose a leader not a survivor in the industry.

·         Check its credibility and trustworthiness.  Inquire whether the company is a certified car auctioneer of Japan. Go to its official or corporate website to know whether he is a popular car auctioneers like USS Osaka, USS Tokyo, TAA Kyushu,  USS Nagoya,  JU Fukuoka, and  CAA Chubu to name a few.

·         Go to their service page to know the brands, which they include in their services. Go to choose a company only when your requirement for Japanese used vehicles matches its offered service. Pay a visit to its testimonial section to find names, contacts and feedbacks of the users. If possible, communicate them to know about services and responsibilities taken by the company.  Learn whether the company pays attention to its clients and customers in the post period.

·         You check the service list whether the exporter supplies used and new car accessories, spare parts, car cutting, and dismantling services of same brands present in its service section.

·         Know if its services are available from anywhere across the globe.

Check these critically and to Choose the best Used Cars Exporter in Japan.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to Write LSI Content

You do a lot of SEO work, still not #1 on Google’s search results. Is that right? If yes, you can ask- why? The reason is lack of quality works. As the most important part of quality works that comes us first is the quality content. As quality content is the king, you must know how to write quality content. To do it well, you must know and adopt the art of writing LSI content. To do it very well, you must get out of the conventional notion of using more keywords and incensing keyword densities. But it does not mean that you should not take keywords into consideration. You should consider them in the most technical and strategic ways, as after Panda and Penguin updates, Google uses artificial intelligence in a more sophisticated, scalable and smarter ways. Like human quality tester, it inspects measures and scrutinizes the quality of content, judges its originality, uniqueness and relevancy. It keeps records of human performance on a webpage. Now spiders and bots do a good deal more than ever before. Unlike taking a quick glance at a few key locations within text contents and picking out the most obvious keywords for a quick judgement, now Google uses advanced and complex algorithms that take Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) or Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) under great consideration.

Now to tell about LSI is a way of writing. It is a specific way of using language that compels search engines taking your content relevant, ideal and above all authoritative.  

How does it work?

Latent Semantic Analysis takes the content of a web page in some specific ways for better consideration. It strips away the largely irrelevant words. It never takes articles (a, an, the), pronouns (he, she, it), preposition and conjunctions (and, because, but) under its consideration. Putting them aside, it starts scanning text and compares vocabulary and trusted sources of information on the same type of content topic and content subject. An authoritative text on carpets may be pile, underlay, carpet, weave, pattern, wool, laying, fitting and so on.

How to do this

To write LSI content you should use your main keyword down, right and in the middle of a word sheet or word document. Then you have to keep your main keyword surrounded by many relevant words or keywords and phrases. Say for example, if you are developing content for a web design firm and if your main keyword is “Website Design Company”, you can surround the keyword with many relevant keywords like “Web Design Firm”, “Website Design Centre” and many like these. If your keyword is “online marketing”, you can choose words like web marketing, internet marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC and many like these.
To do this very well, at first, make a list of relevant keywords and then proceed to write your LSI content. You should try to use them in a fair range. The thumb rule is 10 relevant keywords in a 600-word article. Do not overload your content with more relevant keywords. Never make it sound silly, using a great number of relevant keywords. You write naturally and do not insert the words forcefully and that sounds badly in some places. Using of long tail keyword is always advisable.
You should include your main keyword or key phrase somewhere near the top and once within the top half and somewhere near the bottom. Using a wider range of contextually relevant words will help your text stand better in the competition. Your chance of achieving good rank on Goole is more with this method.  

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Significant Online Marketing Research Tools

To get an edge in this competitive business world what you need must is online marketing research. Unless you know the industry type, industry trends and leading players in this domain, you can get success.  Market research and various surveys can help a business to perform better in its core competencies and track all significant matters related to its business domain. To offer most demanding product futures or services, market research is must for any advance and sincere business.
Before we get into the main topic main topic we must know what online markting is. Online marketing is the process of marketing products and services over the internet. To do it effectively, you should start a methodical online campaign that requires acute and delicate online marketing research.  

Online Marketing Research for Effective Online Marketing 

Now take a look at some free and important marketing research tools that may help you boost your business.

 Free keyword research tool

I think most of you are aware of keyword or key phrase. Shorting speaking it is some important worlds closely associated with any products and services. And to tell about keywords research is the choosing or picking of keywords that is closely associated with products and services. Popper and efficient keyword research enables business to get their content online and visible. When online readers put a keyword on the search engine and if it is closely related to your products and services, they could easily get to see your website. Google Keyword Research tool is the best for this. 

 Free competitor research tool:

Once you create a list of oft-searched keywords, you must go to find out their competition. You should keep a record of competition for the sites with the keywords. Then you have to develop content featuring and inserting the keywords within the content. A great way of doing this is to search on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Here you just need to keep keywords within inverted comas and then search the competition. 

Free keyword density tool

There are many keywords density tool checker like With the aid of it you will get to see percentage of keywords in respect to your use of total words in particular text content.  

Free web rankings tool:

Once your content uploaded on a website, you should start searching your keyword ranks. You can do this only after 5-30 days. You will be able to find out whether your content is ranking in respect to your target search terms. As a free and good choice you can take the aid of SEO Book or cute rank checker. 

Conclusion: Mind in the present day of buffer competition where dynamics of business changed day by day, you must start a methodical online campaign to get an edge over your competitors. For a very good start of your online marketing you must start an effective online research to know well about industry type, industry trends and leading players in this domain. Once you acquire knowledge in this about all these mandatory things, you can start your campaign confidently.